Dr. Shruti Naik honored with prestigious LEO Foundation Award

Dr. Shruti Naik was announced as this year’s winner of the LEO Foundation Award in Region Americas for her contributions to skin science. This award was formally presented at the SID Annual meeting in Dallas on May 16.

Anne-Marie Engel, Chief Scientific Officer at the LEO Foundation, said of Dr. Naik:

“Dr. Naik is an exceptionally talented basic and translational researcher. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge, commitment to top-tier science, and dedication to outreach and media engagement make her a deserving recipient of the LEO Foundation Award, promising further advancements in our understanding and treatment of skin diseases.”

Warmest congratulations once again, Dr. Naik, on this incredible achievement!

May 20, 2024

Trisha awarded the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund

Trisha has been awarded the prestigious DURF (Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund) to conduct an independent project this summer in the Naik lab.

Congratulations, Trisha, on this well-deserved honor. We’re excited to see the results of your project, “Mapping the response of sensory neurons to skin inflammation”.

May 07, 2024

Dr. Ipsita successfully defends her thesis!

On April 24, Ipsita defended her thesis “Decoding & Targeting Epithelial-Immune Circuits in Inflammatory Disease.” Congratulations to Ipsita on this significant achievement. Her dedication and scholarly excellence are a testament to her commitment to advancing immunological research. We are all better scientists and people having worked alongside you in the lab.

We wish you the best as you transition to the final two years of medical school!

May 02, 2024

Joe passes his qualifying exam!

Congratulations to Joe for passing his qualifying exam on March 9. This milestone marks just the beginning of your impactful journey in scientific inquiry. Your contributions hold the potential to significantly advance our understanding of immunology and inflammatory memory and pave the way for innovative approaches in treating inflammatory diseases.

May 02, 2024

Piotr receives the K99/R00 award!

Congratulations Piotr on receiving the K99/R00 Pathway to Independence award from NIH-NIAMS! We are excited to see the wonderful research program you will build.

December 12, 2023

Ikjot gave a great presentation at the Single Cell & Spatial Discovery Symposium

Ikjot gave a wonderful talk about his spatial transcriptomics paper at the Single Cell & Spatial Discovery Symposium, an event hosted by 10x Genomics at the New York Genome Center. Great work!

December 12, 2023

Rachel receives the Helen Hay Whitney Fellowship!

Receiving this fellowship is a great achievement, and we are all so proud of your hard work. Congrats Rachel, and we are excited to see all the amazing work you will do.

December 01, 2023

The Naik Lab recently received funding from the Allen Discovery Center for Neuroimmune Interactions

The Allen Discovery Center for Neuroimmune Interactions at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is dedicated to accelerate discoveries around how immune and nervous systems communicate due to its relevance in immunity, inflammation, cancer, and metabolism.

December 01, 2023

Rachel receives the Governor General’s Gold Medal and the SciLifeLab Cell and Molecular Biology category prize

Congratulations Rachel for being awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal in recognition of her PhD from University of Calgary. Additionally, she received the SciLifeLab Cell and Molecular Biology category prize for her essay “Working up an appetite to promote repair” which was published in Science Magazine! Check out the essay in the link below, and congratulations once again Rachel!

Link to essay:

November 17, 2023

Happy Birthday Yue!

Thank you for your work, and we hope you had a great day!

October 24, 2023