Choreographing Immunity in the Skin Epithelial Barrier.

The skin interfaces with the external environment and is home to a myriad of immune cells that patrol the barrier to ward off harmful agents and aid in tissue repair. The formation of the cutaneous immune arsenal begins before birth and evolves throughout our lifetime, incorporating exogenous cues from microbes and inflammatory encounters, to achieve optimal fitness and function. Here, we discuss the context-specific signals that drive productive immune responses in the skin epithelium, highlighting key modulators of these reactions, including hair follicles, neurons, and commensal microbes. We thus also discuss the causal and mechanistic underpinning of inflammatory skin diseases that have been revealed in recent years. Finally, we discuss the non-canonical functions of cutaneous immune cells including their burgeoning role in epithelial regeneration and repair. The rapidly growing field of cutaneous immunity is revealing immune mechanisms and functions that can be harnessed to boost skin health and treat disease.