Under Pressure: Stem Cell-Niche Interactions Coordinate Tissue Adaptation to Inflammation

September 08, 2020

Yue Xing and Shruti Naik

Current Opinion Cell Biology

Stem and progenitor cells (SCs) are emerging as key drivers of tissue adaptation to inflammation caused by microbes, injury, noxious agents, and other onslaughts. These pressures are most acutely experienced in epithelial tissues such as the skin and gut that interface with the external environment. Thus, here we review how epithelial SCs of the skin and intestine, along with their supportive niches, sense and respond to inflammation for the sake of preserving tissue integrity. We highlight inflammation-induced plasticity in SCs and their progeny and the lasting memory that forms thereafter. The burgeoning area of SC responses to inflammatory stressors may expand therapeutic perspectives in epithelial inflammatory conditions, wound repair, cancers, and aging.