Ikjot Sidhu

Senior Bioinformatics Programmer

Ikjot received his BS in Bioinformatics from Panjab University, India, and his MS in Bioinformatics from Boston University. In the Naik lab, he is currently working as a senior bioinformatics programmer. His work in the lab has included several projects but his most notable work includes co-leading the spatial transcriptomics of a psoriatic skin study where he built a custom workflow for this study,  worked closely with Dr. Rochelle Castillo to uncover clinical findings including how healthy and lesioned skin differed significantly, distinguish mild psoriasis cases from those that were moderate to severe and changes in gene activity that varied with disease severity. Besides this, he has also contributed to several other projects in the lab over the years as a lead bioinformatician. His current career goals include learning and implementing more machine-learning tools especially deep-learning to study sequencing and imaging data. In his spare time, he enjoys reading non-fiction, playing RPGs, bodybuilding/cross-training, and Japanese food.

Selected Publications:

  • Rochelle L. Castillo, Ikjot Sidhu et al. ,Spatial transcriptomics stratifies psoriatic disease severity by emergent cellular ecosystems. Sci. Immunol.8,eabq7991(2023). DOI:
  • Piotr Konieczny, Yue Xing, Ikjot Sidhu et al. , Interleukin-17 governs hypoxic adaptation of injured epithelium. Science377,eabg9302(2022). DOI:10.1126/science.abg9302